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Monday, 18 January 2016

Tips: 4 Important Notes Before Creating Your Mobile Game

If you are planning on starting your own smartphone games developing company, or just want to release something a bit entertainment, it's vital you learn how you can garner users to really stick to your developments. Here we list out some tips that will help you in creating a good mobile game.

Focus On The Control.
When it comes to controlling the game, an overly steep learning curve is not something that most mobile gamers will accept.
In fact, the most popular game apps available today generally use simple swipes and taps to move the game along. Of course, players don’t like to know that what they are doing is simple, so make sure that these swipes and taps result in visually entertaining and dynamic effects. To use Angry Birds as an example, the simple act of launching a bird at a pig-filled structure results in an orgy of destruction as blocks topple and crash together. It’s easy to get the hang of, and it’s rewarding.

2. Keep It Simple

If you have dreams of creating the next Legend of Zelda or Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell ,then more grease to your elbow.

However, those kind of things just aren’t what today’s casual gamers are after. In-depth gaming still holds a prominent place in the world of video games, but that place isn’t on a tiny screen (or a medium sized screen if you’re a pad user) being jostled about while riding the bus during a morning commute.

Mobile gamers want something that they can get into quickly without much thought or context. Does your main character require an in depth backstory and loads of dialogue to explain why he or she is doing whatever it is they’re doing? If so, then a mobile app may not be the best platform.

3. Use Points To Reward The User

There’s something in the human psyche that forces us to constantly strive for reward. This is true, even when the rewards themselves are useless and ultimately meaningless. Points, coins, achievements, or whatever you wish to callthem will keep the player coming back for more. As such, it’s important that the rewards themselves are plentiful, occurring nearly constantly as the player progresses.

Make sure the rewards are heralded by some sort of visual effect or special sound, so that the player can knowright away that they’ve achieved something good. In addition to points, players should also be rewarded with content.
New characters, levels, abilities, sound tracks, or any other game play or cosmetic changes that you can throw into the game will keep players hooked.

4. Make It Good

Console video games have become so disturbingly photo realistic, that sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you’re playing a game or watching a live-action film. However, mobile app games have moved in a different direction.
Rather than use state of the art graphics to reproduce a digital facsimile of the real world, they concentrate on fun, cartoony visuals that would be equally at home on a Saturday morning TV show. Ironically, the less photorealistic the visual effects are, the more easily they can be seen and understood by players. Remember, many players will be interacting with your game on a screen the size of a credit card, so make sure the graphics are clean, colorful, and uncluttered.

Likewise, sound effects should be fun, but uncomplicated. Generally mobile device speakers are small and can be difficult to hear in some circumstances, but HD audio recordingfeatures may be coming in future mobile units. Be sure to keep on tuning to akintoms blog.


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