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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Text Free- The Android App That Let's You Text and Call For Free

Even with the existence of messaging apps for Android such as WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat, texting still remains quite prevalent in our daily lives. If you’re like me then many of your friends still send you several texts during the course of the week but you dislike paying for texting since you have a data plan and WhatsApp.

If so is the case, why not give textfree a shot?
The app reviewed here today allow users to send and receive messages from any number worldwide but it's of course supported by ads. Were you expecting a walk-by?


Textfree is easy to setup and makes it very simple for users to fully enjoy the app’s experience.

After going through the sign-up process, Textfree will then ask you to enter your area code, in order to create the number that will be associated with your Textfree account.

This is a neat feature but, as the app notifies you, there aren’t many numbers associated with some area codes. If this is the case for you and there are no numbers associated with your area code at the time of you signing up, the app will choose an area code as close to yours as possible.
Textfree also allows users to display messages from their native text messaging app within their Textfree inbox which can be quite convenient if you plan to make it a staple of your texting life. You will also be able to send messages using your regular cellular plan.

In addition to texting, free calls can be made to other users of the app but if you wish to call other numbers you will need to purchase minutes.
Overall this app is effective and based on user reviews and recommendations you should try this.

Download Links
Download Directly APK

Or-- Search Text Free on Google Play Store.
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