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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Android Apps That Pays You For Your Time

There are lots of android apps companies that reward or pay their users with freebies, points, gift cards, points, and also cash with can be redeemed with total ease and all you have to do at times is to take photos, voice your opinion on matters (surveys) which take less than 5-15 minutes, and doing some shoppings too.

Many people don't have a clue that even though the world has evolved and there are smartphone payments methods, it doesn't stop there because you have the potential to make a decent $100 a month if you combine these apps and use them to greater effect.

Also, these apps do not necessarily guarantees you quick rich or anything of sorts, but at least, it can get you free launch or perhaps as a web owner, pay for your hosting and domain. Be careful of the apps privacy policy disclosure too, so you don't go about giving out information about yourself which you should not have.

"Yes, they need to monetize you and ensure that you're located where you say that you are, but they're collecting way too much information," says cybersecurity expert Gary Miliefsky.

1. I-say Mobile.
( Download For Android)

First on the list is I-say, developed by Ipsos, the survey company is known across the world because during elections, they set out different surveys and it's unique feature is sometimes you might get lucky to get a $95 Dollars survey!!! How about that? But there minimum surveys incentives are $5 or $10. One thing that will also charm you is the fact that they are trusted an legitmately paying it's members.

2. SlideJoy- Unlock Your Phone For Rewards (Download For Android)

Slidejoy is an android screen unlocking app, but it pays too. It displays ads on your phone when you slide your phone screen and it pays whether you read it or not, it's incentives come in form of carats, accumulationg 200 carats gives you $2. It doesn't pay much, it isn't a get rich quick method, but atleast, you now get paid for unlocking your phone (Sounds bizzare right)?. Well users clam to make $5-15 on average with Slidejoy

3. App Trailers- (Download For Android)

App trailers pays you to watch 30-seconds video on apps or newest movies and you get rewarded 5-10 points if you watch a trailer. You can also upload your own video and users will view yours. Alternatively,, you can also download apps and get points. Once you reach the 500 points threshold, you can request for $5. Easy-picky huh?. On average, users make $25-40 every week or month. Try it too.

4. InboxDollars (Download For Android)

InboxDollars pays you instant $5 for signing up and you earn through surfing the web, playing games and answering surveys. You can request payment once you reach the $30 mark which is possible in a couple of hours due to their high paying surveys. On average, users earn $80-150 a month.

5. SOTG- Surveys On The Go Download For Android.

It's no wonder surveys are the trend of the matter when it comes to android apps that pays you for your time. SOTG pays to know how you feel on lifestyle, entertainment, government, and technology. Only your opinion traded for $$$. Sounds great, yeah me too. On average you make $11-15 each day. So start our adventure into android apps that pays for your time too.

Android apps are not get quick get rich method but it helps to cover stuffs in your leasure times, also you get to learn on new things, watch new videos, latest stories and a lot more.
Leisure Time + Android Apps That Pay For Your Time= New Experience and a couple of bucks.


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