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Thursday, 22 October 2015

How to Record/Screenshot On Windows 10

The Windows 10 Os is so far the best of the windows series, with a lot of cool upgrades and quite nice features, but there are actually some well yet-to-be explored kind of features(I put it that way because an average user may never get to try out some of these features). There are probably a lot of third-party Applications out there that you can easily Download and use to accomplish this task, but do you know Windows 10 has a pre-installed Application that you can use to record your screen?

"Game Bar"....yeap, thats the name of the Application. The Game Bar is pre installed with the Xbox Application that comes with all windows10 devices
To launch the Game Bar simply press "WINDOWS+G" and a pop up like the one above will appear and you can select if you want to Record your screen or take a screen shot. Alternatively you can use "WINDOWS+ALT+PRT SC" to take a screenshot directly, "WINDOWS+ALT+R" to start recording your screen and "WINDOWS+ALT+T" to show the timer.

Screenshots taken with Game Bar are saved in PNG format which you can change from the Xbox settings. Recordings and saved screenshots can be accessed in the windows Video folder under the "Capture" sub folder.

Outside the Game Bar there are some cool third party applications like Awesome Screenshot Extension on Chrome Browser which is less than 1mb and can be used to take screenshots of webpages and desktop, but wont work on any windows App. 
Hope this helps


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