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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Steps To Starting A Blog

Welcome to the second phase in "How to create a Business and Good Blog". In this chapter we'll be talking about the basic terms and how to's in order to setup your blog.
Nb: This post will focus mainly on blogger blogs,  but there arent much difference with other platforms as you'd still find familiar similar things when you begin comparing them.

In order to setup there are some factors to consider,  like selecting a niche,  picking a domain name,  platform to blog on(blogger, wordpress and the likes), selecting a host.  Well dont get all confused now as we'll begin to take them one after the other.

Selecting a Niche
This simply means choosing a particular content,  field or area of specialisation to blog about where by your posts/articles are directed to a specific group or set of people(readers).  A niche is usually more search engine optimized since it is a more audience targeted blog.  A niche could be blogging about football(its types,  price,  form and anything football),  it can even be more targetted by blogging about only the prices of football or only football made by Addidas and the likes.

Picking a Domain Name
A domain name can go a long way in ranking your blog top in search engines. It is more better to pick a domain name that is related to your blog than just picking any name of your choice.  For example users will prefer to click when searching for soccer and goal related contents than on another football/goal blog with the name, why?  Because from the domain name,  they feel the first will offer a better content than the second.  So it's always better your domain name talks about your blog.

Platform to Blog On
For years there have always been debate on the two most blogged on platforms on which is better.  I tell you both Wordpress and Blogger,  the two are very good, just depends on what you want to really do with your blog.  For a simple blog,  blogger is usually best but if you eventually want a complex blog with stand-alone pages and sophisticated features,  I'd advice you head to wordpress.  But its better you familiarise yourself with the two.

Selecting a Host
Well this section is mainly for users who intend to use the Wordpress platform.  When you open a free blog either on blogger or wordpress,  your domain name will always have an extension of .blogspot in the case of Blogger and .wordpress in the case of wordpress,  this simply because they are both hosted for free by this platform.
In the case of blogger you can simply buy a custom domain( and point it to your blogger blog and it will still be hosted for free,  but in the case of wordpress you'd have to get a host that will help put your website online and protect it from hackers.  Wordpress users with custom domain will have to be paying a monthly of yearly fee for such services according to the traffic size while this is completely free on blogger.

Well,  stay around,  id have to stop typing here,  see you in the next class

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