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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How To Create A Profitable And Good Blog

This days,  its a trend that everybody wants to own a blog,  either for the love of blogging or due to the fact that they heard one success story of Maybe Linda Ikeji or Lilian Nwobu on how they both make Millions Monthly from their blogs and they get so carried away and decided to open a new Blog.
 Well which ever the category you fall in,  I'd teach you(to the best of my knowledge)  how to start a blog, turn it into a brand and maybe make a fortune outta it.

First and foremost question you should ask yourself is,  why should i blog? 
This question is often ignored when creating a blog. Some say they want to blog for money,  for passion,  for keeping theirselves busy,  to own a webspace.  Which ever the reason you choose to blog,  its fine,  the main reason you are meant to ask yourself this question is to build a drive that will keep you going through out your blogging career.

Anothe big question you should ask yourself is,  What should i blog about? 
What are you good at?  What do you think people are looking for?  This two questions under what you should blog about should be greatly considered before setting up a blog.  You may be good at talking about onions,  but do you think millions of people out there are interested in Onions? What do i mean by this statement.
The fact that you setup a blog and write about things you alone have passion for doesnt guarantee you readers,  and with no readers,  your passion will definately die over time,  trust me on this.

After picking a right topic and having answered the two questions up,  then you can proceed to creating a Blog.  And how do you create a Blog? 
Well there are so many websites and tools you can use to setup a blog under mins,  but ill recommend Blogger(. Blogspot)  or Wordpress(. Wordpress)  platforms,  as this are the easiest and most used platforms for blogging.  With an email address you can easily set up a blog of your choice simply click Create a Blogger Blog or Create a Wordpress Blog and follow the easy guides on the diff webpages to set up your blog in no time.

I believe at this stage your blog must have been set up and you can now begin to publish about what you want to share to your readers(people who visit your blog)  and start creating an audience.

In my next post,  ill talk about how to get traffic to your new blog,  how to monetize it and how to make you blog rank in search engines. 


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