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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Welcome To My Blog

Hi there!
I'm Olagbaiye Akin Editor and Writer for this Blog.

Thanks for stopping at My Blog Today, it's good to have you on my Page.
If you have been a good reader of my blog you would have observed the dormancy  of my account,  because let's just say I started blogging on the wrong note.

Can you imagine someone that don't like watching News trying to break News?
What do I mean,  all I did back then was pure C and P which I didn't know was wrong and I must say am lucky not to have my blog deleted or blacklisted from Google's search engine and y'all know what that means.

Anyways without much story,  I'll be introducing you to what I'll be writing onwards on this Blog.

Its gonna be strictly Tech as this has always been what I'm good at and can write to help anyone about,  I'll be focusing more on Mobile devices,  where you'll get to know that with just N5,000 you can use the best phones available,  it all depends on your needs.

You will also get to know in full details the pros and cons of each mobile so that you know what to get for every device you take your hard earned money to Purchase.

So take a stroll and see you back later on my Blog,  as I begin to start writing my mind blowing articles that will not only save you money,  but will give you the best value for every buck you spend!



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