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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Google plans to become Wireless carrier/provider

From Search Engine,  to Social Networking,  to Making of self driven cars and now Wireless Network carriers like Mtn, Glo, Sprint, Etisalat and the likes??

 Seems the Google Company never runs out of ideas and are always willing to purchase something out there,  to get full control of almost everything(which can be bad atimes)

According to News in the Media and on the Net The Search Engine giants are partnering with T-Mobile Wireless Network and Sprint whereby Google will buy large amount of network capacity and resell to customers under its own Brand name.

Google is expected to start selling its wireless network later this year,  and a lot of people have tipped the company to exceed very well in sales within the first few months.

But do you think its a good idea if Google runs everything,  from your Operating Sysyem,  to your search engine and now your wireless network??  won't they know way too much about you?

For full story on this Article,  read here


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